Country Information

Located in south-east Asia, Singapore has an interesting fabric of culture and history that dazzles millions of visitors each year. Once a British trading post and colony, Singapore has a truly unique flavor that has developed over its two century long history.

Historical landmarks melt together with modern marvels like skyscrapers. Remnants of the once lush rainforests remain and blend with the eclectic urban scene. Classified as one of the safest places to travel in the world, Singapore is virtually crime free and squeaky clean.

The security and cleanliness of Singapore should not deceive, it is a vibrant, bustling city. Visitors to this country are at no shortage of choices when deciding how to spend their time. With an abundance of cultural activities, a booming nightlife and some of the best culinary delights on the planet there is truly something for everyone here.  


In Singapore there are several languages spoken. The national language is Malay, but many speak Mandarin and Tamil as well. Additionally, most of the people in Singapore speak or understand English. 


There are many religions practiced in Singapore. The primary religions are Buddhism and Taoism, with 51% of the population practicing these faiths. Christianity accounts for about 15% of the population. About 14% are Muslims and about 5% are Hindu.


The climate in Singapore is considered a tropical rainforest climate. In fact, at one point in time the 63 islands that make up Singapore were primarily comprised of rainforest, but development has eliminated all but 23% of the rainforest and nature preserves.  It has no distinctive seasons. Generally, the temperatures are steady, there is plenty of rain fall and high humidity.  On a typical day it is more humid in the morning than it is in the afternoon. The temperature ranges from 72 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. The months of June and July are the hottest. The monsoon season takes place between November and December. Public health warnings are common from August to October because of the heavy haze from brushfires in neighboring Indonesia.  


 The warm and humid weather in Singapore requires lightweight and breathable clothing. Clothes made of cotton and linen are preferred by most travelers. The country is also quite rainy, so it is best to bring some rain gear and a waterproof jacket for evenings.

Mobile Phones

The international access code for Singapore is 65. Cellphone coverage is good and most major carriers have roaming agreements in Singapore. If you don’t have a cellphone with you the best option for calling internationally is to buy a calling card. International calls can be rather expensive and calling cards will save you up to 90% on your calls home.

Getting Online & Checking E-mail

There are many Internet cafes throughout Singapore where you can check your e-mail. Additionally, some larger hotels offer Internet access for an additional fee. 

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Your Personal Assistant's phone number will be provided upon arrival in Singapore.

  • Police Station: 999
  • Ambulance: 995 
  • Traffic Police: 64470000
  • U.S. Embassy in Singapore:  (65) 6476-9100

Activities in Singapore


Please be advised that you may not be able to participate in certain activities after receiving your medical treatment. For instance, hiking and canoeing may be off limits. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the appropriate activities in which you can participate.  

Singapore Excitement

The tourism industry in Singapore is very developed. There are many museums, landmarks, historical sites, restaurants, night clubs, concerts, day trips and outdoor activities to suit all tastes. In fact, many find that one trip to Singapore is not adequate considering the array of things to see and do.

Some activities of note would include a trip to the Animal Kingdom, where you can see interesting insects and animals. Trips to various parts of the city including Chinatown, Geylang Serai and Little India. Additionally, you can enjoy the rainforest right in the city or visit the Chinese Gardens, which were inspired by the imperial gardens of China.

Your Personal Bilingual Assistant will be able to assist you in planning your activities and sightseeing tours that fit your individual interests. Naturally, the activities you plan will depend upon the surgical procedure you had and the amount of time you need for recuperation. The amount of time you stay in Singapore will also dictate your travel itinerary

One-Day Tours

If you are looking for a one day tour or a day trip, consider leaving the mainland for a trip to the Isles of Singapore. They are very different from the mainland and each offers its own unique experience. If you are looking for a beach escape consider a day trip to the Isle of Sentosa. There are beautiful beaches and a dolphin lagoon, both are very popular with most tourists. The Isles of Singapore can be reached by ferry.  


Shopping  Singapore is well-known for its array of goods and competitive pricing. Many consider it a shopper’s paradise. Balinese, Chinese, Filipino, Indian and Malay antiques are readily available, along with cameras, batiks, carpets, tailored clothing, silks, wigs, perfumes and silverware. Visitors can also find jewelry, shoes, handbags, wallets and briefcases for a bargain. The main shopping street is Orchard Road, although shopping complexes are located throughout Singapore. 

Nightlife and the Arts

 Singapore is well-known for its booming nightlife. There are discos, bars, clubs, karaoke bars, night markets and dinner cruises to choose from. Visitors who enjoy the arts may take in a street opera, international stage show, theater, or movie. Popular areas to find nightlife and entertainment would include Holland Village, Bugis Street, Muhammad Sultan Road and Changi Village. Casinos can be found at Marina Bay and Sentosa.


 Many of the luxury hotels contain spas and health facilities. In fact, the world famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore is home to the Raffles Amrita Spa, which rates among the best. Singapore also has a number of day spas that offer a variety of traditional and alternative spa and beauty treatments. Spas of note would include Aviva Spa, St, Gregory Therapeutic Spa and Earth Sanctuary Day Spa.