About us

Who is Surgical Trip?

Surgical Trip is a medical network that specializes in arranging patient care at select internationally accredited hospitals around the world. For over 15 years, the executive officers and staff have been arranging medical care and related logistics for patients travelling abroad.

What Does Surgical Trip Offer?

  • Internationally Accredited Hospitals
  • Board Certified Surgeons
  • Coordination of Medical Care for Employees
  • A Seamless Communication Process between Employers, Providers, Physicians& Insurers
  • Bilingual Professional Counselors
  • 24 Hour Service and Support
  • HIPAA Privacy Protection

Surgical Trip Provides the Following Communication Services:

  • Customized Website for Employers and Employees
  • Communication Materials including Posters, Payroll Stuffers, and Brochures

Case Setup and Management:

  • Coordination of all services among Employee, Provider, Home Physician, International Physician/Facility & Insurer
  • Full Concierge Services for Employees Traveling Abroad
  • Employee Education

Surgical Trip provides you with all of the support necessary so you can benefit from significant cost savings and increased employee satisfaction.
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